Untitled has moved from an experiment within an art context to its own thing, a space for acts of devotion. It could never be a performance, it had to be “real” due to the length of time. Now it is something I offer myself – 6 hours that I would not spend without a public commitment in contemplation/prayer/devotion and open up to people who would like to participate. Jake and I continue Lou’s experiment of sound folded over and over even with no new voice added.

Maura 2016


untitled: holy hiatus 9

Sunday 22nd May 2016 at 4:00pm

Sunday | dydd Sul
May 22 Mai
4pm/yp – 10.15pm/yp

There will be a break 6.50pm – 7.05pm

movement practitioner | ymarferydd symud: Maura Hazelden
artist filmmaker| artist wneuthurwr ffilm: Jacob Whittaker

This six hour, performative event explores how liminal space is created, experienced and shared, using repetitions of a phrase of movement, and a 13th century song developed by Lou Laurens and Maura Hazelden. Untitled 9 will use 8 years of time layered recordings and add to the evolving soundscape by recording this year’s acoustics. Come to observe, to be present within the space created. Use the space for mediation, prayer, contemplation, movement.

Digwyddiad perfformiol dros gyfnod o chwe awr, sy’n archwilio sut mae gofod trothwyol yn cael ei greu, ei brofi a’i rannu, gan ddefnyddio cymal o symudiad, a chân o’r 13eg ganrif, a ddatblygwyd gyda Lou Laurens. Bydd dideitl 9 yn defnyddio haenau lluosog o recordiadau o gyfnod amser o 8 mlynedd, ac yn ychwanegu at esblygiad y sainlun hwn trwy recordio acwsteg eleni. Dewch i wylio, i fod yn bresennol o fewn y gofod gaiff ei greu, a defnyddio’r gofod ar gyfer meddwl dwys, gweddi a myfyrdod.

entry by donation
mynediad trwy rodd wirfoddol


Untitled Holy Hiatus 8 2015

Friday | Nos Wener
May 22 Mai,
open | ar agor: 4.30pm/yp - 10.15pm/yh
with a break | bydd egwyl: 6.50pm/ yh - 7.05yh
entrance by donation | mynediad trwy rodd wirfoddol

Theatr Byd Bychan | Small World Theatre
Bath House Road,
Aberteifi | Cardigan
Ceredigion SA43 1JY
This annual, six hour, performative event explores how liminal space is created, experienced and shared, using repetitions of a phrase of movement and a 13th century song. Originally an art collaboration between movement practitioner Maura Hazelden and singer/ sonic artist Lou Laurens, the event has grown into a devotional act.

Lou died in September 2014. Using 7 years of time layered recordings, Maura proceeds with Jacob Whittaker’s encouragement and is adding to the evolving soundscape by recording this year’s acoustics. You are invited to be in the space for meditation, prayer, contemplation, or just to want to be present. People who use movement as contemplation or prayer may wish to move rather than sit.

Mae’r digwyddiad perfformiol blynyddol hwn, sy’n para chwech awr, yn archwilio sut mae gofod trothwyol yn cael ei greu, ei brofi a’i rannu, trwy ail-adrodd un cymal o symudiad corfforol ynghyd â chân o’r 13eg ganrif. Yn wreiddiol, roedd hwn yn ddigwyddiad celfyddydol cydweithredol rhwng Maura Hazelden, ymarferydd symud, a’r canwr/artist sain Lou Laurens. Bellach, tyfodd i fod yn weithred ddefosiynol.

Bu farw Lou ym Medi 2014. Gyda chefnogaeth Jacob Whittaker, mae Maura wedi bwrw ati gyda di-deitl 8 gan ddefnyddio 7 mlynedd o recordiadau mewn haenau amser. Mae’n ychwanegu at esblygiad y tir seiniol hwn trwy recordio acwsteg eleni. Mae yna wahoddiad i chi gamu mewn i’r gofod ar gyfer myfyrio, gweddio, meddylu, neu i fod yn bresennol yn yr eiliad. Efallai y byddai’n well gan bobl sy’n arfer defnyddio symud fel dull o fyfyrio neu weddio i wneud hynny, yn hytrach na eistedd.




This is a very personal entry.
For anyone reaching this blog from afar, who does not know Lou and me, I have to tell the sad news that Lou died in September 2014. She can be seen at times in the face of Rupert, her son, who will be two years old by the time Untitled Holy Hiatus 8 arrives.
Yes there will be an eighth event. I am not sure of the form it will take. But Jacob Whittaker has booked the venue.
I will be talking with people to find a way through.


lou at the end of the performance

Louise Lauren in 2007 at Capeli: Capel Crannog, a Gwrando project

after 7

We achieved what we set out to achieve. Lou was not sure she would be able to stay for the duration, but she did.
We were alone for the first half hour. This proved beneficial to re-establishing the event as two of us - Lou had been unable to be there in 2013.
From then on in there was always someone in the room with us - right until the end. This has never happened before.
Quiet support was given to me during a difficult hour. If I had left the room I thought I might never return.




Last year I did the 6 hour work without Lou. My health was not good. I decided to take in my laptop - with only access to write - no times visible, in case I wanted to write as I was there.
the result can be found by following THIS LINK
There was a projection in the space - the overlaying of black & white cctv footage from 2008 and 2012
In not in here not here.
Feet object to use. I see much of myself on video preparing for the first time. Bill, Ann – Ann also on the overlay of last year – Liz vacuuming. Lou, even Lou, spreading the words over the floor.
No one came in with the bell – the recording of sound is a few minutes ahead of time today and the video far behind. The voice rings out – I get distracted wondering if they have put thyme on the pebbles that arrived in the nick of time.
I have put a bee out of the window, not a bumble not a honey some other bee. The window is now closed.

I see me in close canon 2008 2012 feet almost planted all together.

THIS IS A LINK TO SPOKEN WORD VERSION - I use the airing cupboard as a recording studio but the bats are now a bit noisy and their scamper & chatter can be heard




hh before, #1 & #2 overlays

1. from the creation process
2. from i
3. from ii

A LINK ...to a link ... to a piece of writing made during the 2013 event by Maura